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Indian Fried Chicken explained in fewer than 388 characters

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There are many types of food items in the world. Indian Fried Chicken is the most popular recipe in Chicken Recipe or Chicken Dish. But some of them become very sinful. Or you can also say that evergreen dishes are created that you can loot them in any party or on the arrival of a relative. Today I'm referring to a similar recipe here on the Indian Fried Chicken, which comes in the mouth of people when they hear the name.

You can make it in your own house too. We are sure that Indian Fried Chicken will like you. So let's try the recipe for making Indian Fried Chicken.

Indian Fried Chicken
Indian Fried Chicken

Necessary Ingredients :

Chicken piece - 8-10 nosGram flour - 02 cupsOnion - 01 nos (thin slices)Tomato - 01 Nos, (Finely Slice)Garlic - 02 crushedGreen chilies - 04 nos (finely chopped)Lemon juice - 02 tbspRed chili powder - 02 teaspoonsCumin seeds powder - 01 teaspoonsCoriander leaves - 02 tbsp (finely chopped)Curry leaves - 05 nos (finely chop)Oil - for fryingSalt - according to taste 

Indian Fried Chicken method of making : 

For Indian Fried Chicken, first, wash the chicken grind well and dry them.

After this, knead the chicken grind with the help of a fork or knife, thereby mixing the spices well in the chicken grind.

Now add red chili powder and a little salt to lemon juice and wrap the chicken pieces well. After this, put the chicken in the fridge for one hour.

In a bowl, add gram flour, chopped green chilies, garlic, curry leaves, green coriander, salt, and cumin powder and dissolve in water and make a paste.

After making a paste, add oil to a frying pan and heat. When the oil is hot, add gram flour in the chicken grind thoroughly and put it in the oil and fry it until it becomes golden.

Take your Chicken Frying Method Completed. Now your Indian Fried Chicken is ready. Now put it in the serving plate and serve with onion, tomato slices, and the desired sauce and enjoy with the whole family.

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