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Iftar Special Almonds Milk Recipe

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Iron and calcium is abundant in Almonds, say that if five Almonds are eaten in the morning and eaten, it is good for health.

Often we have heard from elderly elders that ate Almonds. But we think that eating almonds will increase our weight and we do not eat it. This is absolutely wrong thinking almond is very nutritious whenever I go out of the house for work all day, then my mother puts a handful of almond in my bag and says whenever it is hungry, eat it, a cookie in it You have the ability to control your hunger and it also gives strength.

Almonds Milk Recipe
Iftar Special Almonds Milk Recipe

Many times we go to a place where there is nothing to eat or is not good, so these Almonds are very useful. Almond contains Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin B9, Protein, and Iron.

In addition, it also contains copper, vitamin B2 and phosphorus, 162 calories, 2.5 carbohydrates, meaning that you will get so many benefits in a handful.

According to research, people who eat Almonds daily are 20% more likely than not eating their age, i.e. their age is high.

So let's Learn to Make the Almond Milk Recipe

Ingredients: serves 5

Milk 4 cups / 1quart / 1 lt
Sugar 5 spoons
Almonds ½ cups
Green cardamoms 4
Saffron threads 12-15

Method of Preparation:

1 Soak the almonds in 1 cup warm water for about an hour.
   Peel off the outer skin of the Almonds.
2 Using a little milk make a fine paste of Almonds in the
3 Soak saffron threads in one tablespoon lukewarm
   milk keep aside.
4 Remove the green cardamoms and ground
   them in the mortar.
5 In a wok add milk and boil the milk on medium heat. After
   The first boil reduces the heat and adds Almonds paste. At
   this point stirs continuously Adding of almond paste in the
   boiling milk.
6 boil the milk on medium heat for 6-7 minutes. Stir
   continuously so the milk does not get stick to the bottom.
7 Add sugar, mix well and boil for another minute and turn
   off the heat.
8 Now add grounded cardamoms and soaked cakes.
   Mix well.
9 Almond milk is ready. I like to serve hot milk in winter and
   cold almond milk in summer.

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